The Home of High Intensity Training

From the Owner: I myself was training to become a professional bodybuilder but at age 25 suffered severe heart failure. After recovering from an almost fatal situation, I could no longer pursue my dream to becoming a world champion and instead focused my energy into helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

I opened Potential Gym in 2008 to help and show people how a quality gym should be and how to exercise properly by removing the nonsense and time wasting workouts that produce little or no results.

I believe that if you want something bad enough you can do it and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you any different. We are here to reinforce your beliefs and help you realise your potential by supportive, safe and motivating workouts that achieve great results.

Well Trained Professionals

Ready to help you unlock your potential

Open and Friendly Gym

Come to a safe place to train, both physically and mentally

Proven Strategies

We have a variety of plans that have been proven to get the result you’re looking for

Free Consultation

We offer a free 10 minute consultation from the owner of the gym to help you decide how you’d you like to start

Personal Training (PT) sessions are available at Potential along with a Physio Room. 1 to 1 sessions are a great way to develop quickly and gain confidence knowing that you’re training in the right way. If you are already a personal trainer, you are more than welcome to use our facilities for you and your clients!

A place for people who love to keep in shape alongside World Champions

Potential Gym frequently has Titled Champions coming from it’s ground and is blessed to have a few Celebrity body builders visiting to give demos and advise to our future stars. Keep a look out for future start appearances.

Ready to take action?

Be brave, get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and how you can get started.

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